Nanotech global events

Today, billions of mobile devices with extraordinary power are uniting with advancements in robotics artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and so much more. -Steve Mollenkopf

Are you interested in learning more about nanotech? Would you like to take part in discussions regarding the advancements of this technology over the years and possible developments in the future? If this is the case, taking part in global events as to the same would do you a whole lot of good. Here, you come across experts from across the globe sharing a platform with the same goal in mind: the discussion of nanotech. Here are some of the events which you can attend in 2019:

The Nano-materials and technology forum

This event will take place from the 25th to the 26th of March in Yokohama in Japan. It will the 25th of its kind to take place, and it targets anyone with interest in nanotech. The talks will revolve around the optimization of the demand of nano-materials through the help of new nanotechnologies, and there will be many experts in attendance to give their views on the same. Other aspects of nanotech will also be part of the discussion.

nanotechnology materials

The Nano-materials and nanotech forum

As from the 25th to the 26th of April 2019, nanotech experts will head to Rome in Italy where they will attend this event which has a focus on advancements of nanomaterial sciences. Trending technologies in the sector will also be part of the discussion. Previous speakers in the program include Malik Maaza, Jerzy Leszek and Valeh Shamilov, amongst others, all of whom have inspired people to undertake studies in nanotech owing to their empowering talks.

nanotechnology materials

The Nanoscience and Nanotech Convention

What will you be up to as from the thirteenth of May to the fourteenth this year? You can join delegates from across the globe as they make their way to Bangkok in Thailand where nanotech opportunities will be part of the discussion. This event will be the third world convention of its kind, and it will feature exhibitions, keynote speakers and oral presentations. Here, you get to meet technologists, scientists, researchers, engineers, students, industrialists as well as other people with a keen interest in the field.

nanotechnology convention

Nanotech and Nanomaterials Forum

There is a need for expansion in nanotech to better meet the needs of all sectors of the economy and participants in this forum will be discussing ways in which the advancements can take place. You can attend the talks on May 15th and 16th in Prague, the Czech Republic where you can participate in the symposiums, panel discussions, exhibitions as well as other platforms in the event. There are gonna be many discussion themes about different nanomaterials and there usage. You can check what types of materials are using for the aviation and automobile industries.

nanotechnology nanomaterials

The Word Nano Forum

Have you been looking for an opportunity to engage with experts as well as other interested parties in nanotech? Well, this is your chance. As from the 20th to the 21st of May 2019, thousands of delegates will head to Zurich in Switzerland to attend the 30th event of its kind. Here, attendants will delve into ways in which they can come up with new concepts in nanotech to help propel the sector to greater heights. Previous speakers at this event include Daniel Bellet, Damla Ulker and Taejoon Kang.

nanotechnology world forum and ironman

The World Medical Nanotech Convention and Expo

There is no downplaying the fact that nanotech inventions have been of great help to the health sector over time. As from 27th of May to the 28th, 2019, interested participants will converge in Taipei, Taiwan, where they will discuss the current research methodologies as well as what discoveries could be beneficial in the future. This forum will be the 18th of its kind, and it has previously hosted Davide Prosperi, Yuqi Yang, Miriam Colombo, and Ramin Banan, among other speakers. If you are interested in nanotech innovations regarding medicine, this is the place to be.There are tons of other nanotech global events in which you can take part. Sign up today and get immersed in the world of inventions that continue to better our world.